New Noviomagus Revision Mesh

21 november 2016

Last year, Spierings Orthopaedics successfully tendered its Noviomagus Revision Mesh range after which the articles were added to the NHS Supply Chain. We have experienced a growing interest in our meshes, simply because orthopaedic surgeons perceive them as the best meshes currently available. Furthermore, the budget holders are very pleased as well since prices are up to 50% lower compared to the main other supplier. An idea to keep that in mind next time you need to order new meshes. As mentioned before, the Noviomagus revision meshes can be ordered through the NHS Supply Chain or directly at Spierings Orthopaedics.


Spierings Orthopaedics now also offers a Medial Wall Large mesh


Article name Article number
Acetabular Medial Wall Small NRM-0906-MWS
Acetabular Medial Wall Large NRM-0906-MWL
Acetabular Rim Small NRM-0906-RS
Acetabular Rim Large NRM-0906-RL
Proximal Femur NRM-0906-PF
Universal Flat NRM-0906-UF
Bone Screw Sterile 10 mm NRM-1101-10
Bone Screw Sterile 15 mm NRM-1101-15
Bone Screw Sterile 20 mm NRM-1101-20
Bone Screw Sterile 25 mm NRM-1101-25
Bone Screw Sterile 30 mm NRM-1101-30
Bone Screw Sterile 35 mm NRM-1101-30


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