NHS Supply Chain Tender

13 oktober 2015

Spierings Orthopaedics has successfully tendered its Noviomagus Revision Mesh range. The NHS Supply Chain has confirmed that the framework will be implemented on October 16th and from then on it will be possible to order the following items via the NHS Supply Chain. Please note that there has been a change in the article numbers:

Rim small and Rim large mesh


Article name Article number
Acetabular Medial Wall Small NRM-0906-MWS
Acetabular Medial Wall Large NRM-0906-MWL
Acetabular Rim Small NRM-0906-RS
Acetabular Rim Large NRM-0906-RL
Proximal Femur NRM-0906-PF
Universal Flat NRM-0906-UF
Bone Screw Sterile 10 mm NRM-1101-10
Bone Screw Sterile 15 mm NRM-1101-15
Bone Screw Sterile 20 mm NRM-1101-20
Bone Screw Sterile 25 mm NRM-1101-25
Bone Screw Sterile 30 mm NRM-1101-30
Bone Screw Sterile 35 mm NRM-1101-30


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by the contact form or email.

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